There are very few things that annoy me (this statement is probably untrue — there are a ton of things that drive me up the wall that I’ll end up venting here), but one of them is getting left a voicemail. If you call me and I don’t answer, it will always be for one of the two following reasons:

1. I missed your call because I happened to be genuinely unavailable.

2. I did not want to answer your call.

Odds are if it’s for the first reason and I was expecting your call, the moment you decided to call me will be the exact same moment fate has decreed it necessary to place some disaster in my path making it impossible for me to answer my phone. It’s like the butterfly effect, the act of you pulling up my name and hitting the “Call” button set forth a terrible chain of events on my end. Even though I hear the phone ringing, I’ll find myself trying to juggle a wet dog that’s struggling to get out of my hands or figure out how to best clean up myself and the surrounding area after I managed to break yet another glass container that happened to be full of who knows what or somehow saving the world without killing myself. It’s tough to believe, yes, but something has come up that is more pressing than getting to my phone in time to speak to you.

If I don’t want to answer your call, then I likely don’t want to also have to go through the effort of checking my voicemail to hear the rambling message about why you’re calling me and your imploring plea that I return your call ASAP. That’s the beauty of caller ID, I saw (or will see) that you called. Blowing up my phone with texts and calls isn’t going to make me want to get back to you any faster, really.

My bottom line is regardless of the reason, I will get back to you if I feel inclined to do so. This is something I’ve discovered is a basic life rule, if someone wants to get in touch with you, they will. The contrary is also true: if they don’t, then they won’t. And if someone doesn’t want to spend time on you, is it really worth your time to spend it trying to hunt them down?

What are your thoughts?

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