Live, laugh, love

Life is altogether too short, as this story shows. Eight months isn’t a lot of time for your life to be turned completely upside down, and I suppose this is why the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” It’s terribly tragic that you can spend so much time wanting something, and when you get it are then unable to enjoy it as you had planned. We do spend a lot of our lives working for a future that may never come, and granted, Shana’s story isn’t particularly uncommon since countless women hope to become mothers and unfortunately pass away in the process. Without the power of the internet, though, her story would likely not have reached as many people as it undoubtedly has by now.

The same is shown with the flip side of the coin in this heartwarming tale. Children bully each other all the time, what makes this story special is that her mother took to the internet to vent and people responded. I’m reminded of the Starfish Thrower, and this is a fact that we all to frequently forget: we are each capable of performing small acts of kindness that can improve the world around us. True, one person cannot change the world alone. However, one person can choose to act in a decent manner and do something that will make a world of difference for another person. Sometimes a simple smile is all it takes to turn your day around, and in turn your good mood spreads. I’ve always thought happiness is contagious if you let it be so, and with that in mind, in the spirit of giving I shall continue to strive to spread cheer.

May the internet continue to allow us to connect and share our joys and sorrows, our highs and lows, and may we all learn to live, laugh, and love whilst we can.

What are your thoughts?

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