So by sheer luck I ended up in Hawaii for four days. A friend found out about a glitch that made rooms that were normally $200 a night only $20 a night, and she didn’t want to go solo so that’s where I came in. It was gorgeous weather, I did plenty of eating which I should get around to writing about at some point, had plenty of adventures and learned the following:

– People are allergic to dancing on O’ahu. Really, an entire weekend was spent trying to find somewhere where people dance and sadly, I failed.

– You often hear that food’s expensive in Hawaii, but given that the sales tax was something like 2% and our current sales tax in the Bay is getting close to 10%, I didn’t really notice it.

– There are a surprising amount of motor bike gangs, or at least there were a ton that I saw, which wasn’t something I’d have expected.

– It’s possible to drive around the entire island in about an hour and a half. That blew my mind, since it’d be like a full half day to drive California from top to bottom.

Wanderlust is the travel bug’s official name

Unfortunately, I got back home and am suffering from some terrible disease, and have been hopping in and out of feverish dreams and cold sweats along with a lovely cough that doesn’t seem to want to go away any time soon. Maybe it’s the travel bug, and I really just need to be back on the road again? Or making plans to migrate towards warmer weather?

What are your thoughts?

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