Personal Philosophy

After much reflection upon the topic of what sets me apart from everyone else and what I actually enjoy with a passion, I’ve come to the determination that I am happiest when I have my fingers in everything but I’m only operating behind the scenes. It’s my personal goal to do whatever it is I’m doing so flawlessly that it’s not evident how much I’m getting done until I happen to be gone; the logic here is I want my absence to be felt as a presence. Essentially, I am the woman behind the curtain, and occasionally the face of the operation, but always the goal is for me to make sure whatever I’m committed to is functioning smoothly. When I’m truly taking pride in my work in the back of my mind I know that I want to make us (as in whatever organization/company I happen to want to be loyal to at that point in time) look good, so I’ll fully throw myself into it and I’m of the mindset that all amazing undertakings seem so because they create the illusion of functioning effortlessly. Ultimately, whenever you’re doing something that you’re passionate about and good at, your enjoyment of the task at hand just radiates through. There’s a reason why a predator in motion is poetry in action, it’s because it is doing what it was designed to do, and what I am good at doing is figuring out what needs to get done and just doing it.

As far as interpersonal relationships go, everyone knows or becomes aware of the fact that I’m a classy lady. There’s a reason why one of my maxims is “Honey, I am not that cheap” because the truth is, I’m not. It’s my personal opinion that all truly luxurious items are worth so much not because they’re flashy, but rather because they exude understated elegance. Or in other words, if we’re going to anthropomorphize objects so I can get my point across, they’re cognizant their own self-worth – you don’t have to be crazy about cars to know when you see a Bugatti on the road that it is a high-end piece of machinery. You could put it next to a pick-up truck; it’s clear that they’re designed with different tasks in mind.

The beauty of being human is that what we’re designed to do is utterly and entirely up to us to decide, and we have the opportunity to mold ourselves into our best selves daily. The only trick to this is knowing yourself well enough to be honest with yourself about what exactly this version of you looks like, and having the desire to want to pursue it.

What are your thoughts?

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