Cleanliness is next to…

Maybe it’s because I’ve just got some religious leanings that I’ve associated cleanliness with godliness as one of those few fundamental truths and thus as a tangible virtue to achieve. Maybe it’s because it’s spring, and with the season change I just feel an inner urge to change as well. Or maybe it’s because I had a super stereotypical Mexican-American childhood and tagged along with the adults in my life as they worked  as housekeepers and gardeners, but the point is I’ve got the urge to just clean EVERYTHING.

If I really wanted to put myself through some serious self-psychological analysis and sit myself down on the therapy couch, I’d have to say it’s probably a mixture of all three of the above wreaking havoc and/or having fun to make my brain decide that cleanliness is what I need to aspire to right now. In any case, I cannot deny the joy that invariably follows when I see things are clean. Actually, I’m sure I read somewhere or overheard that a visible clue-in to your mental state is that of your home turf. So if that’s true, when you’ve got a clean place you’re that much closer to reaching some level of zen.

Which upon further reflection, I do see as actually as a real truth. How you present yourself to the world has everything to do with how you value yourself, because as a visually-oriented species we care about making sure we’re presentable. Bucking the norms of what’s conventionally accepted in society can be cool in some fields (I’m looking at you, Silicon Valley) but will totally be punished in others that are more conservative (Hi, business/financial/legal folks). However much a person tries to fool everyone all the time, they can’t trick themselves into becoming something they’re not. So if you’re unhappy, it’s likely going to get reflected in your intimate surroundings. Dust bunnies, as innocuous as their name may be, are quite possibly the devil’s work and definitely evil! After all, nothing breeds like rabbits except for well, rabbits, and the devil’s in the details and…

A bit of tranquility.

Not really. Although if viewing them as such motivates you to grab a broom and clean up around your place, then kudos to you for being all productive now. Maybe, hopefully, that sense of personal accountability for your surroundings will translate to a growing desire to clean up the world around you, because try as she might, Mother Nature can’t clean up after human messes.

And neither can one person, or a few, either. Cleaning up the planet would require everyone, including you, to have this basic respect for their surroundings to loathe littering, and try to make sure our planet stays pretty.

What are your thoughts?

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