Addressing the “Diversity” factor

It’s fall and I took the LSAT (and opted to share my information with schools), which to law schools means only one thing: I must be planning on going to law school, and so I should go to them! It’s been a steady stream of messages from various schools, my email inbox and mailbox are filled with something daily. Given that I thought I’d scored terribly and was feeling uncertain about my decision, it’s been a boost of confidence to see that somewhere out there, some law schools are interested in someone like me.

What’s been interesting to see is how different schools decide to broach the fact that they’re reaching out to me to boost their diversity numbers. Some schools elect to do it subtly, by including a page about their diversity statistics inside the catalog they’ve mailed me. Other schools have separate¬†pamphlets with “DIVERSITY” emblazoned upon them, and feature real-life students that happen to be something that qualifies them as a minority talking about why X school has been so welcoming for them. Some schools skirt the issue entirely, and drum up the fact that I scored a decent score and have a solid GPA, and for those reasons alone they’d like to encourage me to apply.

To date, though, my favorite has been the school that sent me a letter with a big shiny brochure, and then included an additional letter addressing what I could expect from them as a Latina. In a world where we’re increasingly struggling to remain as neutral as possible, I found this to be a bold move away from what everyone else is doing by either avoiding the topic or speaking about it broadly. Honesty is the best policy, and it’s refreshing that this school just came right out and addressed the elephant in the room. As a Latina, I’m aware that my experiences as a minority in society share some similarities with other groups, but diverges from them fundamentally in others. Tailoring a letter to me as a Latina shows me that on some level, this school maybe understands that fact.

What are your thoughts?

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