Farewell February

Before I can catch my breath, February’s come and left. It was a blur of law school applications, and now the fun really begins, as I settle in to waiting to hear back from them. I try to silence the questions and the doubts, but I’ve never been good at taking my mind off things that feel like they’ll import some milestone in my life. 

Save for the fact that deep down, I now know that it doesn’t really matter where I go to law school, but more that I actually do take the plunge and get it done. The end goal is to be a lawyer, and unless I somehow succumb to death in the process, odds are I’ll start somewhere in the fall and three years from now find something new to be worrying about: passing whatever state bar exam. I’m trying to break the habit of worrying, because it doesn’t really do you any good. 
Our bodies are such strange things. Studies have shown that kids get more allergies now than before because parents are hyper-vigilant about cleanliness, and because our bodies are designed to fight things off for us they’ll focus on whatever’s in the environment. So in a super clean home, that means a body that’s trying to war with you over things you eat, instead of good ‘ol bacteria. I imagine that stress in the brain is something similar: we get used to having things to stress over that we go out of our way to find mayhem. All that energy could instead be channeled into something else, we’re going to be stressing anyways.
On that note, flowers are pretty, and photography’s fun.

It’s hard to feel glum with flowers colored like plums.

What are your thoughts?

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