Obama’s Gaffe

Give a dog a bone.

Anyone not living under a rock has heard about how Obama called Kamala Harris “the best looking attorney general in the country.” When I found out about it, it was via several friends posting with similar commentary regarding Michelle’s reaction to the statement. Most seemed to believe that she’d react with some sort of rage, and granted, as leader of the United States he probably should have known better than to comment on an accomplished woman’s appearance over her accomplishments.

It just seemed silly to me that Michelle would react angrily out of jealousy. I’ve never understood the existence of jealousy within relationships. This probably has to do with the fact that whenever my mother would make comments about the appearance of another man in the presence of her friends or other family members, they’d react with gasp of shock and exclaim “but you’re married!”

Her response? “I got married, I didn’t go blind.”

It’s perfect in its logic. We’re all human, and we all go about our lives interacting with the world around us and we’re primarily a visually oriented species — it’s why a picture’s worth a thousand words. Commitment between people works as long as they’re willing to make it work. Save for retreating to a private island, no matter where you go on the planet there is bound to be attractive individuals around. It’s a fallacy to believe that just because you’re in a relationship, you’re somehow rendered immune to the beauty in other people.

Jealous behavior won’t make your partner more inclined to stay with you. They stay with you because you offer them more than a pretty face. Well, except in the cases where people are only with each other for their looks, but that’s a choice made knowing that physical beauty will eventually fade with time. My point is solid relationships won’t be affected by wandering eyes. The decision to stray doesn’t happen by seeing pretty people, it happens when someone decides to act on the desire to cheat.

What are your thoughts?

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