History! Good Job, SCOTUS


San Francisco’s City Hall last night – so pretty!

Yesterday was an important day for gay rights, as SCOTUS ruled on both DOMA and Prop. 8. For a more detailed analysis of what this exactly entrails, you can read here. Love is love, as long as the parties involved are consenting adults then how does their commitment to each other affect you? This song sums it up perfectly, the laws are great but ultimately, we have to change us:

Slowly but surely, I think we will. It won’t be easy, and it’ll require us being ok with acknowledging that we make mistakes when it comes to how we treat others, too. The whole Paula Deen debacle wouldn’t have been as terrible as it was if she could have admitted more than she said what she said and wasn’t going to change. Discrimination only serves to divide us. Slowly but surely, that ideology wears aware as we see it for what it is – a barrier that keeps humanity back from reaching its full potential.


What are your thoughts?

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