This too shall pass

The law school train’s taken off. A part of me wants to freak out and jump off, but I know that it’s because I’m facing something scary. It is a terrifying proposition, to put in the time and effort to prepare to become a professional in a conservative field that has so many hoops to jump through and yet is saddled with insurmountable hurdles to success. Or that’s what is portrayed in the media, and it’s terrifying.

People like sticking to their comfort zones, what’s safe and steady is where we look when we want something dependable. For a long time, the legal field’s been viewed as a stable career option. In the past few years, though, it’s become evident that stability is in and of itself and illusion. Sites like See your folks are a great reminder of our mortality. It makes a wonderful assumption that you’ll outlive your family members just because they’re older than you, but there’s no guarantee in life that things will actually happen that way.

For all you know, a bus could hit you on the road tomorrow. Not pleasant, but the inevitable end is what keeps me grounded, because it’s where my mind goes to remind me that my fears, joys, everything I’ve come to accept as part of this mortal life will eventually cease. I’d rather have spent less time mad at myself for feeling like a slacker because my commute to campus is longer than the five minutes for the folks living a block away.

I’d rather spend more of it doing what is important, and the law degree, no matter how I get it, is part of that end goal. Even if it means stress now, and stress later, it’s for the path I’ve chosen. Eventually, it’ll wind down, but I don’t doubt that it’ll have been worth it.

What are your thoughts?

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