Silent Survivor.

Be kind; everyone is fighting their own battle (more details on the source of this quote here). When I saw the tree in the photo above, I was taken aback by how despite having experienced some scorching trauma, it managed to stay alive. Seen from the opposite side, it would look like any other intact tree.

This stood out to me as a reminder of how precious life is, even when it feels like we are in the midst of an unending struggle. There can be hope, and growth, in spite of adversity. In my experience, it’s all been a matter of choosing to better myself, and refusing to accept my status quo as something outside of my control to change.

It’s not easy, but changing our circumstances for the better requires a willingness to believe our efforts will not be for naught. There will always be storms to weather, circumstances outside of our careful planning, unexpected and unforeseeable events. But having cultivated the faith in myself has made it easier for me to look for a way to get by them.

What do you do when faced with the unexpected?

What are your thoughts?

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