So you see

Doe you see what I see?

The doe in the photo was camera-shy, and I wasn’t sure how close I could get to her without upsetting her. I’d observed her fawn, which was nearing adulthood, but if it was still trailing its mother then it still hadn’t been chased off yet. Mother nature, is only nurturing enough to ensure offspring could hypothetically survive, then you’re on you’re own, kiddo!

The deer in and around Pacific Grove are basically semi-domesticated at this point. They’re unafraid of people and only slightly wary if there’s a dog around. Thus while being wild, they’re totally fine with people with cell phones approaching them within a few bound’s length distance.

The stance in this photo is what gives way this doe’s ultimate intention to spring forward in flight, should I get too close. Her ears are pricked forward, her eyes are fixed, it’s the rear hind-leg: it’s coiled like a wire ready to spring into motion. In a blink of an eye, she could be gone.

But her gaze is set – she’s seen humans like me dozen times. We’ll get to within a range she’s comfortable with, fleeing is always her option. Fighting is not in her nature, her half-grown fawn, it’s either learned to stay hidden or will dash when she does. lesson learned: humans remain familiar and foreign, a lurking danger.

Oh, doe, oh hear. Your plight is one near and dear to my own heart. You’re distrustful of me for being human, and I distrust so many humans for the same reason – they’re also human.

What are your thoughts?

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