April Showers

Tulip bulbs peeking up, this is a standard “before” photo.

It’s about a week before finals start, and while Spring semester always feels easier, it’s deceptive. However caught up you might feel after spring break, you’ll find yourself in the last week of class, feeling dazed and confused. It’s how I felt last semester, and am feeling right now as well.

In part I think it’s because law school is sort of like high school all over again: you have lockers, you have cliques, and the uncertainty of where your life will take you (well, that’s how I felt in high school, but I graduated still on the wait-list of several colleges). Whereas with the college graduation, there’s a certain expectant finality with it, a law school degree doesn’t carry that same eager tension. Instead, there is the ever looming doubt about whether this degree was even a good choice.

Law school hasn’t been easy for me, but then again, life hasn’t been easy for me, either.

Somehow, though, along the way I found a way to bloom. To fight the darkness of uncertainty, a person needs to learn how to embrace their inner light. No one can change the circumstances of their birth, but anyone can change how their life is lived.

Gardening is something I have mixed feelings about, both because it’s my father’s line of work and one that’s a stereotypical notion of my people’s usual occupation. It was always something I enjoyed, though, seeing how with time a stretch of land could be gradually transformed with knowledge of the terrain and the critters that call it home.

I turned to gardening as an outlet both because I enjoy seeing a living thing grow under my care, and I just enjoy being out-of-doors. California, even in the midst of a drought, is a very green area. Hundred year old redwood forests are all along the coast, and while technically the area I live in is considered semi-arid desert, we’re close enough to the Bay to get some humidity. Knowing this, I’m trying my best to keep certain plants that prefer humidity alive.

This tulip seems to be doing pretty good, it’s been growing for about a month now (see picture below):

And now, the “after picture.

I don’t know why one bulb is growing so much faster than the other. It may be that they’re spaced too closely together, but I’m not sure. Any ideas, anyone reading this?

What are your thoughts?

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