May you have good days ahead!

The cobwebs were also deserted by this point.
The cobwebs were also deserted by this point.

My, how the time just flies. Dear anyone reading this, I am so very sorry to want to post more and yet only being able to churn something out on a monthly basis, if that. I did marketing for a living before law school, before I was working at start-ups, you’d think I’d know a thing or two about brand retention and producing brand loyalty.

The ego is such a terrible creature to make one’s point of pride. A long time ago, I made peace with what my first name would be, and left the rest to be a subject for posterity. Anyone who has met me knows me to be a woman of my word, which is a rare trait, just as nowadays it is tough to find a true gentleman who is willing to honor his word. It’d been bothering me for a while, I couldn’t quite put a finger on it, and then I realized – my voice as a Liz shines forth when I write; which differs so strongly from my voice when I write in legalese, or for prose, or for whatever.

As someone who’d earned a degree in Political Science when it was still a science offered at my alma mater, I know I fell into it at SCU after deflecting from the real sciences because I’d been tired of hearing “You’re Not Welcome Here” for years. What did it matter whether it was because I was female, young/old, of an ethnicity coding as Non-White, I’d been told repeatedly things like “You can’t wear lipstick and be a serious scientist” or “You’ll stop wanting this career when you have babies” or “People like you don’t really want to do science work” such that I quit it and decided to go the legal route instead.

Fast forward to last week, where I had the worst interview I’ve ever been on. It was a panel interview with three older men (mid-forties was the youngest) where at some point in the interview process they’d made me uncomfortable because their first line of questioning revolved around the fact that I wasn’t wearing jewelry. I fell apart because I couldn’t point out to them that as a person sitting in the hot chair (do you remember your last interview? How nerve-wracking it was? Only to find out no, you didn’t get the job?) I couldn’t readily point out that they were making me very uncomfortable. There’s not really a good way to break it to someone in an interview that yes, I am hearing your shushed whispers about me not having “a good fit” and then going on about how it was based on how I wasn’t forthcoming on whether I was married or single. As it’d be easier to deal with me if they knew whether I was married and planning on having more children, or single and being a government burden. Ouch.

That was the how the worst interview I ever had, in which I ultimately just walked out on, went. What’s the worst that’s ever happened to you?

What are your thoughts?

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