100th Day Challenge: Completed

After one hundred days of positivity, the question remains: Am I suddenly a more positive individual? My honest answer is it all depends on what I’m talking about.

The person that I am today had to go through a lot of struggle, and for the most part I’ve come to peace with my past. Everyone has to, otherwise they’re forever weighted down by it. At some point, you pick your battles, lest we exist in a world where every battle is literally one of life or death.

I’ve heard that it takes about two weeks for a habit to form (sorry I can’t link to any study off the top of my head) and it held true here, the first two weeks were the most difficult for me and I kept wanting to give up and focus on everything that had gone wrong. As a law school student, it can feel at times like your brain is basically learning to expect the worst and then accept being pleasantly surprised when things don’t fall apart. Especially because of grading curves, and knowing that you’re surrounded by peers who are equally motivated to pursue this career path.

It didn’t magically become easier overnight, though, but sometime after two weeks it did become easier to focus on the fact that this was a long-term goal, and the only person holding me accountable would be me. Sure, family and friends might like or re-tweet something on social media to point out where I fell off the wagon, but as far as disappointment goes, it would all fall on my shoulders.

The end result is one where I now want to do anther 100 days challenge. Any suggestions? I’m thinking of trying either a doodle a day, or a photo a day. Not sure which, or whether something else will be what I try out next,

What's it thinking?
What’s it thinking?

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