Almost 50 Years Ago, We Landed on the Moon

It’s July, roughly around the halfway mark for the calendar year. I tried poking about on the Internet, but there’s nothing cute-sy anyone says about July. (Other than maybe Ju-lied to me 😛 ) So I looked for random facts, and I found this one: in my grandparents’ generation, and likely the one of anyone reading this blog, humanity landed on the Moon. The exact date of the moon landing was July 16, forty-six years ago.

That blew my mind! Our species, despite all its inclinations to destroy itself only because we can mentality, managed to collectively pool resources into a common good to get homo sapiens (as well as canis familiaris, just to name another species. Man’s best friend indeed) into space. Space exploration funding’s been drastically reduced since this monumental achievement, and I suppose maybe a younger version of myself would have wanted to be an astronaut if I would have known it was an option.

Another random fact: This is a kind gesture the White House can give you: some Presidential Greetings. As a kid who’s a first-generation immigrant on one (possibly both, depends on who’s keeping track) this is a really neat way for the White House to engage with its constituents. In this increasingly digital world, it feels nice to receive paper mail and not just bills mixed in with the junk mail.

I decided to order one for my grandparents, to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. It’s a milestone that they couldn’t have known they’d get to when they said their “I dos” and one which both my partner and I would need to reach eighty years of age to accomplish ourselves. I can only hope God gives us that many years to live out.

What are your thoughts?

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