Monday Mentions: Munchery

Pups at the beach!

We took Barry to the beach for the first time this weekend, and if the above photo is any indication he had a lot of fun running around with our other dog, Bella (She came with that name, believe me I read Twilight just to see what all the hype was about but it was not for me). It’s amazing to me that he’s already almost as big as she is, and he’s only four and a half months old. It’s also been neat that he’s been so easy to train, he was initially a shy puppy but he’s made a lot of progress since he’s started his puppy obedience class.

There’s been an explosion of food delivery services in the Bay Area, but by far my favorite one is Munchery. The food is prepared by chefs and all you have to do when it arrives is heat it up, if it’s a dish that requires it (their sushi’s always so fresh, I love it and it means I can just dig in!). Also, they donate food to local food banks, so someone in need is also getting a meal. Deliveries are also carbon-neutral and their packaging is also eco-friendly, between their commitment to being green and giving back to the community with food I feel like I’m supporting a local company that cares about more than just their bottom line.

I’ve wanted to try others(for example Blue Apron), but I’m usually so strapped for time during the week that realistically all I could handle is microwaving food. Also, I don’t like how for other services you’re locked into making weekly orders unless you cancel it every week, once you make an account you can order as much or as little as you want and only when you want to order from them.

If you haven’t tried Munchery out and would like to, you can get $10 towards your first order with my code! Just click here. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

UPDATE: As of April 2016, it looks like Munchery’s switching to a subscription model, meaning monthly membership fees. Not something I’m happy about, but figured I should mention it. New members do seem to get to try membership for free for a month, though.

What are your thoughts?

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