Feliz 2016

Somewhere in Monterey.

Another year’s rolled around. It would seem like with enough year behind me that it would be easier to deal with them, but instead the older I get the more it seems like the new year is a melding of the years past. Sure, there’s room for growth, but have I really come any closer to accomplishing anything of note?

I guess this year is one of fruition of previous years’ struggles. With any luck I’ll be both getting married and graduating from law school this year. It still feels weird to know I’ll graduate with a law degree, but will still be uncertain whether I’m actually allowed to practice law.

Imagine devoting a greater part of your life to a profession, only in the final hour being told “Sorry, it’s not for you.” That’s basically where I’m at right now, because a law degree alone doesn’t make a person an attorney. Coupled with insane amounts of student loan debt, I’m looking at leaving California altogether, since I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford a home here.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I’ve stopped wanting to live out of my car. It’s a weird feeling, to want to have a place to call home, because it is my own. I suppose I’ll have all year to ponder and come to peace with it, and figure out where on this planet I’ll wind up. Here’s to a year, all right!

What are your thoughts?

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