Another April…

This new April doesn’t feel that much different, but it is, because I’m finally taking my last set of law school exams, ever. That’s a really good feeling, but it is also frightening to know that the California bar is the next hurdle to tackle. I’m also noticing that it’s really going to be a crazy effort to do well, because I don’t think anyone outside the legal field bubble who is in it really has a sense of what it’s like to undergo this process.

It’s the sort of process that I know I’ll only get through with God’s help, in addition to my own hard work. If you can, any prayers, good energy, or positive vibes you want to send my way, I’ll appreciate it.


I don’t know the source of the image above, a friend of mine shared it on social media and I figure if it’s on the internet, then odds are good I can use it, since the right-holder should be making it clear they need attribution. Also, there’s good old fair use. It’s educational 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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