Me vs. the 2016 July Bar

Results come out some time in November, and I will find out whether I passed, or I didn’t and will need to retake it (likely in February 2017, but who knows). It’s surprised me how brain-dead I’ve found myself after those 18 hours of testing, and how slow it has been to even formulate proper words to communicate.

About all I could handle in the immediate hours after the exam was doing what I did: walked to the State Capitol, which is also a museum, and then to a Mexican restaurant, Mayahuel for some tequila shots. Mayahuel has a very neat vibe, I can see myself going back again. Also, downtown Sacramento has lots of poké stops, if you’re playing PokémonGo.

I’m not sure how some others who took the Bar this time around had the energy to go out partying. I spent my weekend post-bar exam hiking, because I’d missed being active, and reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I thought about reading something else, but my brain quickly felt overwhelmed at the thought of reading anything serious. It’s been a delightful read, if you’re a fan of Tina Fey’s style of humor and haven’t read it, I’d recommend it.

And now I’m gearing up to be in Maryland for a bit. The adventure of 2016 continues. Bar results will be what they’ll be, in the meantime I plan to do some real vacationing because I find myself temporarily unemployed, and so I can actually enjoy the trip without worrying about work in the back of my mind, like I did when I traveled in the time before I was in law school.

What are your thoughts?

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