Two Steps Forward…

One step backwards. It’s a common enough expression, and one that resonates for me at this moment because I didn’t pass the California Bar when I sat for it in July 2016. Yes, I graduated from a decent Californian and ABA accredited law school, yes I took a respectable Bar prep course, but still I didn’t pass.

I am forcing myself to stay positive, and to re-take it in February 2017.

I tried to cut out distractions and opportunities for procrastination the last time I took it, and while my score was close, I am still just a J.D. and my goal’s to be a lawyer, and so I’ve still got a ways to go.

This blog will be on a hiatus until after the California February 2017 Bar exam wraps up for me (assuming Trump’s Presidency doesn’t mean I’ll suddenly find myself no longer really being an American, or somehow facing some other sort of apocalyptic nightmare). Happy holidays, I wish y’all a wonderful New Year, and with that I bid you adieu.


What are your thoughts?

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