About Me

Well, to be honest this is more of an “About why this blog exists” more than anything else.

Its goal is to be a spot for me to chronicle the many (mis)adventures with me, myself, and I, and the invariable musings that shall follow the wandering that seems to be inherent in my nature. Odds are the majority of the posts will revolve around:




And how they mix and mingle and make each other a muddy mess, and for the most part my brain’s logical next efforts to try and bring some order out of chaos. There’s a reason why cleanliness is next to godliness, right?

If there’s something you’d like to pick my brain about, I’m pretty good about answering questions on Quora, too.

My goal’s to update this at least once a week, if not more frequently, but we’ll see. So check back often!

Also, maybe Instagram

**Disclaimer: This is my little corner of the web, and I know the interwebs can sometimes be a jerky place to be. I try to be nice, but if something rubs you the wrong way, let me know how and why and maybe I’ll see things from your POV. In the meantime, it’d be appreciated if you do the same.**

What are your thoughts?

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